Only Real When Shared

It’s the time of the year when everyone is so vocal about setting goals and how happiness is only real when shared. Well to start with: happiness is only real when achieved. You can set your goals and actually stay quiet about them. You can fulfil your dreams and clap for yourself. Does it mean your happiness ain’t real then?!

I have very ambitious year ahead of me – in running and in life. And as much I’m excited about it all, I don’t shout about it. Oh and I’m so ready for all the clapping for myself.

You don’t have to share your plans. What about sharing your smile instead? Your energy. Your time.

Today the trend is to share everything. Every training, every meal, every moment. Record it all. It’s on social media or it never happened. When you don’t post anything for three days…. people start wondering if you’re ok.

We are trying to be so connected that we lost the most important connection. The one with reality. The one that keeps us grounded. That keeps us true. To ourselves. That keeps us real. Real in the world full of some kind of fake artificial fame. Connection that keeps us authentic. And the word means much more than stupid hashtag.

We are so focused on those little virtual screens that we stopped looking around. Unless it’s for picture. We look at the world through camera trying to capture the emotions. Rather than feel them. We create fake reality around us as we feel like that’s what people want. You feed the audience, you ask for. But once the audience loses interest in you, what will you be left with?

And in the sea of all this hype, there are still people who stayed cool. Who deserve the #unfiltered. Is it because they don’t have to prove anything to anyone? Because they do things rather than creating content around them? Whatever it is, I have big respect for them.

Who am I? What have I achieved? How many followers I have? I’ve achieved nothing. But at least I stayed myself. That’s my biggest accomplishment.

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