Explorer’s Diaries – Back to Mallorca

Day 1 – Thursday | 07:31am | Sofa & Mr Cat; Isle of Dogs

After way too stressful day yesterday, I woke up with brilliant headache and puffy face. Idea of running 40k followed by 30k and 20k in next 3 days doesn’t sound appealing to me right now. Just like traveling through central London in peak hour with duffel bag. Oh joys of traveling.

07:47pm | Bed & Maggie; Valldemossa

We’ve almost missed the flight – because I messed up with terminals. That’s definitely because I haven’t been abroad for whole TWO months. Then Maggie almost left me at WHSmiths. You know when you ask her ‘here or gate’ she replies ‘there’ and goes to gate. Then I left my go pro on the plane but noticed early enough to go and get it back.

First place we visited in Valldemossa was police station and those guys looked like they’ve never seen tourists, ever… Then we found a shop and then it started raining. Now we’re freezing in the room as Maggie made me believe it is REALLY cold, annoying the hell of me as of why the radiator doesn’t work. I fixed it, so now she’s standing next to it warming up her bum. Wearing all the layers and hood on her silly head. She regularly comments how cold it is, how she hates to be cold, oh I’m so cold, aren’t you cold?!

Plan for tomorrow is to to run 30k in 4degrees temperature and rain. It sounds so appealing to me, that I may as well go to bed now.

Day 2 – Friday | 11:43am | Avocado baguette & rain; Bañalbufar

Very sketchy start on non existing trails led us to Esporles. Seriously, our Sunnto watches saved the whole trip. From there – to my huge surprise – there was a well signposted and maintained path leading us to Bañalbufar. We found shelter and munching on baguettes. Dream, right? Such an awesome dream, especially when you came for the sun but you are wearing your goretex jacket. Oh the weather? Pissing rain, 5 degrees. Serra de Tramuntana is called dry stone route. Well wet stone route would suit better. To our massive surprise we actually met one group of tourists!
Right, getting cold, so we better move our wet frozen bums.

01:45 pm | Darth Vader on Wet Stone Route

We did little loop from Valldemossa through Esporles, Banyalbufar back to Valldemossa exploring southern part of the GR221. Through the horrible weather it strangely felt easy today. 33k in total with some 1,600m altitude gain.

Packed tons of food but ended up with 1 clif bar, half of avocado baguette and 1 piece of clif block and lucho dillitos. Seems like I ate mountains like candies.

Day 3 – Saturday | xyz am | Petrol station & coke; Tunnel leading to Soller

If I see sign ‘prohibido el paso’ one more time… Today we were mainly crossing private properties and climb gates. 5 gates.

And scrambling. Following red dots on rocks through high grass. Today was not an easy run. It felt like we were out there for ages. Crossing so many various landscapes and places. When we’ve reached Soller it felt like the reality changed. There was a market, loads of people, so we sat down, ate quietly, rushed, stood up and left. The views of snowy peaks scared me a bit.

After 27k the longest climb was waiting for us. Up and up. Up. Bit more up. Almost at the top just to see the top is far away. Climbing gates.

Suddenly my beloved Suunto watch was suggesting to jump of a cliff. Went to check and except the hole I made on my leggings, there was nothing else to see. Suddenly some strong wind came out of nowhere so we took it as sign and decided to run down on road. Bless Movescount for heat maps. We found alternative way down. And what a way it was. Switchbacks. We ran 17 switchbacks. Yes, we were counting. Then we finally made it back, climbed another gate and were so ready to get back on top of the same peak where we started in the morning. From there it was short 6k run down back to Valldemossa.

But no. Mr Prohibido El Paso won in the end. Even though we crossed one private property, we couldn’t get through the other one that was on the way. With nowhere to go, we checked all paths, roads around and decided to run on road back to Valldemossa. We decided to play it by ear thinking that we either stop and hitchhike or wait for miracle. Miracle appeared after 6-7k when out of nowhere a petrol station appeared. That meant two things: can of coke and taxi. Believe it or not, but our taxi driver was a runner!

Day 4 – Sunday | 08:36pm | Mags & water; Airport in La Palma

The snowy peaks that scared us yesterday? That’s exactly where we went today. Hoping for short easy 20k run, instead we’ve climbed. A lot. On all sorts of terrains. My mind is so tired, that I almost don’t remember where’ve been and what have we done.

Couldn’t imagine better person to go with than Mags. That type of person who you feel comfortable to shut up with. You think the same without saying it. You compliment each other and it just clicks.

I’m so tired. But wouldn’t change it for anything. It was such a beautiful day. Making our way to the top through the snow, running down to lovely refuge only to turn around and climb up on rocky path through olive trees. Rocks, rocks, rocks. Chains. Never ending climb. Crashed plane. Reaching the top finally. Parking lot shower with baby wipes. Eating cous cous from bag. Without cutlery. Driving down to Palma. Short walk. And then to the airport.

Feels really strange thinking, that tomorrow I go to work, feeling there is a secret hidden inside me. As all the people on the streets, in the tube, they will only see my tired face. They will never see that fire that burns inside of me.
Until next time. Less than month to go…

Monday | 08:15pm | Bath & aftermath; London

I’m so tired. My calves look like two chimneys. Chimneys built for fat Santa Claus. And I’ve got headache and I can’t concentrate. And I feel quite sorry for myself. Spent the whole day on autopilot.

Got back from the airport at 2am. Couldn’t sleep. Went to work. Not sure how. But around 9am I found myself there. Sitting on my fitness ball in tracksuit bottoms. And rather than bragging how awesome my trip was, I wanted to curl into a little ball and meow.

But it’s ok. It’s ok to be tired. To be exhausted. To be in pain. To feel sorry for yourself. It will go and the great emotions will prevail. So I’m waiting. In the meantime I’m going to eat my body weight in all the food!


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  1. doodlemarti says:

    Wow, this was a real journey and a real adventure! You both are super heroes 🙂


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