The beauty of being alone without being lonely

Unlike we women haven’t had it hard enough in the world already. Pay gap. Being treated as weaker sex. Listening to stupid comments because we have legs, boobs, bodies. Being told to stay at home and cook. Trying to fulfil everyone’s expectations. To be smart, sexy, perfect housewife. Expected to have kids. Getting period on race day. The list goes on.

I’m lucky enough to have partner by my side who supports me as I am. He won’t get upset when I text him “oh I’ve happened to book tickets to Lanzarote”. Because he knows. And even when I feel really bad about myself leaving him on monthly basis for weekend running in mountains, it is so important to me. You can not love anyone else if you don’t love yourself in first place.

I’m surrounded by people on daily basis. But then my weirdness strikes and I know it is time for solitude. For being alone without being lonely. To be far away from anything and anyone. So I disconnect to reconnect. And the fact that I don’t need anyone, doesn’t mean I don’t want or don’t love anyone.

Very often we mix “want” with “need”. I do want to travel. Do I need to travel? I do. I do. I do.

It is because of those moment of freedom. When you are in middle of nowhere and it doesn’t really matter you don’t even know the name of the peak. There is all the beauty around you. And you listen to the silence. The real thing. Where there are no cars. No people. Not even birds. Listen to the leaves on trees swinging in the air. Every step you take is the loudest thing you can hear at that moment. That moment. You are so present that time stops. You stop as well. Look around you. You are so wildly alive. Rent, bills, work, electricity, food, clothes, nothing matters. You are so damn present and aware how precious your life is. Might be short but lived fully and for moments like this, it is so worth it.

Running, mountains and solitude should be prescribed as medicine to our modern times problems. We are scared to be alone. We are surrounded by people yet we are lonely. Alone. All by myself. As if we are scared to be left alone with our own thoughts? As if our biggest enemy was ourselves? Switch off that phone and spend few hours alone. Social media won’t bring solution to the problems you are running away from.

If you can’t be alone at home, leave home. Go to the nature. Chances are there will be no signal. Stop running from something. Run toward yourself. The nature been here long before us. And will be here much longer after we are long dead. Even when some of us are trying hard to destroy it, the power of nature is stronger in many ways. Look for your strength in nature. Explore the nature and the beauty of being you. Being present. Go solo. Woman Up!

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  1. doodlemarti says:

    “run toward yourself”. I think in this phrase there is a whole world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, it’s always a pleasure reading these posts. Have fun in Lanzarote and reconnect to your truly self! 🙂


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