Two Islands Three Days

Why did I went all the way to Lanzarote and ran across it? Was I paid to do that? Any sponsorship or brand behind me? No. I went for the exploration. For running. For traveling. For going solo. For me. For you.

Day 1

Stansted Airport
5:15am -7 degrees

Where is your luggage- ask the Uber driver at 4am. There it was, on the seat next to me. Two t-shirts, one long sleeve, two running skirts, hat, buffs, underwear, socks, snacks, cables, chargers, more than basic cosmetics. All in 20 litres backpack. Packed neat and tidy in separate plastic bags. Rest of the clothes (leggings, tee, mid layer and waterproof jacket) were covering my shivering body. Seems like I picked up the best day for traveling. It snows in London once in 5 years. ‘Major disruptions’, ‘cancellations on all services’ and ‘severe weather conditions’ forced me to wake up 3:45am, leave two hours earlier than planned and take cab all the way to the airport. But once I was there and walked down the aisle on the plane, the familiar feeling in my legs was back. The sensation. I’m going on adventure. And suddenly everything else was forgotten.

1:20pm 20 degrees

Everything forgotten? Indeed. I’m so tired that I can not remind myself what my pin number is… Took local bus from the airport to Playa Blanca. It seems like the classic touristy resort. Luckily I won’t be spending much time here. Quick re-pack of my backpack, check if everything is where it should be and here I am. Going for a ‘little jog’. Feeling pretty sick.

La Asomada

Acclimatisation? Forget it. From -7 to +20 and running around some dodgy places at the start found me running way too fast to start with and struggling to breathe. Moon-like landscape, black sand, lava rocks, red rocks, no animals, no people. Very well signposted and very runnable. Even when it was all mainly slightly uphill. My backpack feels so heavy… But I don’t need to worry as I have no water for tomorrow so it will be lighter. On that note I also have no dinner tonight as there is no shop nor restaurant. But there is lush kitchen in the apartment. Clif protein bar and baby food for dinner and my sunburned face is ready to sleep. Tomorrow will be big day!

Day 2

La Asomada
8:00am 1000 degrees

Yummy breakfast I was reading about, didn’t happen. Because I was hungry at 7am and ready to leave at 8. Managed to steal sip of horrible coffee, some sort of muffin, jam and banana though. Not my fault that the doors were open! Took it all up into my room, inhaled it straight away, re-packed for 55th time and ready to go.

6:01pm Cat temperature

It was about 3,548,963 degrees today. Few clouds meant about 15 seconds of shadow during the whole day. Not that I’m complaining. Yet again the landscape was changing all day long. Bit hillier than yesterday and crossing few towns. The agua no potable didn’t kill me. Yet. Haven’t eaten much the whole day and drank around 3 litres of water. It was such a beautiful day so not sure why I’m writing about such pointless details.
Maybe it just felt too special? To be there. Just me. Sun and trails. Uphills, downhills. Single track, wide dirt roads. When there is no horizon, just skies. When you are so free and you simply are. GR131 Lanzarote done. Final thought: wish I did it all in one day, it’s more than doable.

Day 3

Ferry from La Graciosa
11:30am 17 degrees

If I was looking for solitude, I definitely found it in La Graciosa. The island is so lonely, that I couldn’t decide if it makes me happy or sick. Only 25 minutes journey from Lanzarote and you are on another island. The sleepy main (only) town welcomes you with big yawn and there you are, just make sure you make it for the last ferry. Dark navy skies and warm sun. Was hoping for lovely barefoot beach run alongside coast but instead I was climbing on some sketchy rocks. After that there were some houses but all seemed empty. The weird feeling in my stomach was growing. Or maybe I was just hungry. After around 9k I was rewarded with stunning sandy dunes (and occasional black rocks). Increasing clouds and decreasing visibility. There is whole new level of pain caused by strong winds smashing sand into your burned hamstrings. Wind and rain. And sand. Sand everywhere. In movies you see people shouting from anger, preferably when they are alone in middle of nowhere. I didn’t. No one would hear me anyway. And that sort of energy can be used better. Like for running. Missed the turn to follow path up to north-west coast and even when I realised straight away, I’ve decided the current path seems much better. Especially because it was in the right direction. To the one and only town (village will suit better). There are no roads in La Graciosa. There is wide path which goes around island but it’s only used for tourists. And there are no signposts, there’s no need. You can not get too far away from anywhere. Yet you can feel really lonely.

And just like that my #2islands3days project came to an end.

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