Home in Mountains

I’ve started writing this blog post 7 months ago. 

It was supposed to be about joy. About how you experience it. If you are excited straight away but then, with time, it just settles? Or do you shout about it and feel like you want to share it with the whole wide world? Or are you happy inside?

And that was the moment when I realised i am happy inside. That I’m scared to shout about my joy. Why was I more happy than usual? It was Thursday, not a particular one, but I got a whatsapp message. Message I was waiting for since June 2017. The same day I handed notice and was ready to leave my comfortable corporate job.

Turn your dreams into plans and follow them. 

Make the craziest of all plans. Plan, that no one would believe in. Even you. But deep inside you know. You know that you can. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. And simply like that, you watch yourself following the plan. You are doing it. Step by step. So very impatient sometimes. Wanting to talk about it. But no. Shut up and work on it. You can’t hurry love.

I’m moving to Chamonix in June. We are. Me, my husband and Mr. Cat. To live. Not for a season. Forever. Our home in mountains. At long last!

And no. I’m not going to Chamonix to live free and never work again and live from running up and down the mountain. I’m not professional athlete. I haven’t left corporate job so I can pursue my dreams and run. I left the job as I found another one. Still sounds like a dream? No, not a dream. It was a Plan. Since the very first step.




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  1. doodlemarti says:

    I wish you tons of luck! New adventures await! I’ve moved from a big city to this beautiful village now 11 years ago, and I don’t regret my choice. It’s not easy, but surely it’s a better life for us, which are dreaming about trails and mountains!


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