The Strength Within

You don’t need to be extraordinary.
Just be yourself.
That’s what will make you stronger.
That’s what makes you human.
That’s what makes you woman, or man.
Strong and weak all in one.
The weakness that empowers you.
The weakness that empowers others.

Because all of us are weak.
All of us have soft spots.
It might be the past.
It might be the future.
It might be family.
Lack of family.
It might be something we went through.
It might be something we are scared of.
It might be them.
It might be us.

Look for the strength within.
It has always been there.
You don’t need anything.
You don’t need anyone.
You have it all.
You don’t need to prove it.
To anyone.

You are on your path.
And it won’t be easy.
As if it ever was.
And that’s why you are here.
Make it count.
Make the difference.

Climb the mountain within.

For you.
For them.

For all of us.

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