Prelude to a dream

I haven’t written much lately. Not because I had nothing to write about. I just had so much, that I didn’t even knew where to start.

It’s been a month since we left the “well known” behind and decided to start from zero in Chamonix. In France. Those of you, who keep on telling me “you are so lucky” or “you are living a dream!” please do stop. Being surrounded by beautiful nature is stunning. But moving to a new place and as bureaucratic as France is pure nightmare, not a dream.

Everyone can do it. Pack and go. Change your life over night. And don’t be surprised that the whole “overnight” thing may take up to one year. At least it did in my case. Yet I wasn’t ready.

How many times I regretted that decision? How many times I wished I stayed in London? Countless. Living in a beautiful place is dangerous. All of you assume that it means your whole life is pretty. It is not. From the moment I got into the van back in London everything went wrong. And it is not easy. It won’t be easy. Is it worth it? Totally!

Chamonix looks like a dream destination. The place where all dreams come true. If you expect this to happen, you will end up depressed and wondering what you are doing here. Living in a beautiful place won’t solve your problems either. If you bring any with you, they will only grow bigger. You can’t fake it in here. But give your heart to mountains and they will give back.

And when you feel like the world is falling into pieces, then there are people. The people of Chamonix. The community that is so overwhelmingly helpful, that you are almost suspicious. People help each other without asking anything in return. Most of them been in the same situation as you. They understand. They know what it takes to make it happen in here. How long it takes. Ask for help. And help in return.

And then your “London you” just chills. You used to be switched on 24/7. Everything needed to be done here and now. There is no point getting annoyed you can not sort out the internet for more than a month. It will happen eventually. When getting bank appointment takes a week, you don’t mind anymore. You don’t remember how it is to travel to work. You cycle. You run. You walk. You stop halfway just to look around you. And you do not believe how lucky you are.

The fact shops close at 6:30 pm and are closed on Sundays will still surprise you. Especially when it’s 7pm and you realise your fridge is empty. You will be amazed by all the wild strawberries, berries, cherries and raspberries and it will slow your running down a lot. Talking about running… when mountains are literally in your garden, you will realise how much time you have! As you don’t need to travel for 2,5h to get to the trails.

Life is so different here. So much simpler yet sometimes so much harder.

But it feels like the prelude to dream is almost over.

Time to live!

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