Personal Best

How we see others doesn’t always reflect who they are. If you want to know the whole story, ask. You may realise ‘it was never easy’ and ‘it didn’t happen overnight’. Not to mention my favourite ‘I worked my ass off’. Find what stops you from being happy and make plan to fix it. Work consistently. Make hard choices. Risk it all. Try your best. And try again. With hard work and heart in the right place, you will get there. I was never no one exceptional. I never will be. I was always the outsider. The quiet one. The skinny kid who was way too clumsy in any sport and hence the last one to be picked up for a game. Now I can call myself Ultra Trail Runner. But I am still the same quiet introvert girl who feels oh so uncomfortable standing in front of a crowd.

How many of us are happy? How many of us are happy about our jobs? About our life? About place we live in? How many of us will change it within next 12 months? And most importantly: how many of us spend hours on social media browsing through beautiful pictures of those beautiful runners in beautiful environment? And we wish it was us. But then again, not everyone belongs to mountains. Not everyone finds their happiness struggling and sweating up yet another uphill. Not everyone enjoys solitude. Ask yourself what makes you happy and go for it. Step by step. We were all designed for freedom. And all of us can find it – even when we are surrounded by fulltime office jobs and other tasks that life throws at us.

You don’t have to be the best, the fastest, the most amazing one. You don’t need to have (read: buy) 20k followers on Instagram. We should stop trying to impress people. That won’t bring us happiness. Don’t try to create dreams. Because if you do, you may end up mixing reality with parallel reality. You may start thinking you are better than others. And you are not. And that’s perfectly fine. Why? Because your life is about you. If you are happy, you can bring happiness into others lives. You could be the one who can change the world for others. If your social media account helps to do it, do it! Please do. We need more honest people. We need more real stories. We need more honesty and happiness. Happiness that comes from small everyday things. If your Instagram is about promoting you, yourself and more you-you-you, why are you even bothered?!

You don’t need to chase PBs. Neither in life, nor in races. You don’t have to run certain amount of kilometres per week to call yourself runner. You can be more than average, yet you can be your personal best. In the world of social media obsession, we often look up at others and we compare ourselves. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it could be you? Just imagine, you don’t need to work, you are full time athlete, all you have to do is to live your passion. As if it was that easy. Don’t chase dreams. Nothing forced ever ended up well. Don’t dream, plan.

Just stop trying so hard. And don’t listen to what everyone says, you are not living for them, you are living for yourself. Do not listen to what people say. Unless they are your best friends. Others might be telling you things not to make you feel better but to make themselves feel better. Best thing that ever happened to me was when I realised that it is ok to be sh*t! I took all the pressure from myself. The pressure that came from comparison, judgmental comments, strava stats, finishing times. Oh and when I moved to mountains. Over there you can’t fake it. The mountains will verify you. The only thing you have to do is to open your heart for them and hope they will give back. And they do. They always do.

Ask yourself what makes you happy and then just make most out of it. As much as you can. But do not be obsessed. Don’t think that in order to be happy, the only thing you have to do is THAT ONE thing. Because it doesn’t work like that. It simply doesn’t. It’s like if you will be paid to eat pizza every day, three times a day for 60 years. Trust me, it won’t be fun. And damn I love pizza! The thing is, you need to have a little bit of that thing in your life in order to be happy. To feel special every single time you do it. 

And if you are looking for magic, look around you! It is in the small things. The casual random things. Like a smile of a good friend. Or flowers in the meadow. Sunset when you’re watching it in on your own. It doesn’t have to be on social media to be real. Store it in your heart, it may only get one “like” from yourself, but… isn’t that what matters most? To be happy. From inside out.

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