Idiot in Alps*

Most of you will probably find this little write up hilarious. But for someone who lived for last 6 years in London and ran all winter long in shorts, this white thing called snow came as a surprise. Welcome to winter in Alps!

We all know that whoever said “you just need running shoes” was the biggest liar ever. Or not an actual runner! You can buy all the trainers for all the terrains, small running vest, bigger running vest, running belt, belt for poles, poles as well, all the technical layers from vests to long sleeves, wind jacket, waterproof jacket, buffs, hats, shorts, skirts, socks, this and that… And then you move to the Alps and realise you know nothing.

It’s cold. Get over with it.

When I’ve opened the doors and realised it was minus 6 degrees (this was middle of October!), I got back home, put all my (stupidly thin) jackets on and decided to take bus instead.

It is cold and it just started. I was never a big fan of tights, but after I gave up, I’ve realised that I’m cold in them anyway! My summer skirts came as life (actually bum) savers. Extra shorts over tights. Option 2: short tights and long tights on top of them. Getting dressed for a run suddenly feels like a rocket science. Not to mention it takes twice that long. Not to mention all the lycra laundry.

Then jacket or no jacket? I always overheat, then I get cold, then too hot. Should I wear layers instead. But what if it starts raining. Or snowing. Or blizzard. Jeez… can I just go for a run?!


Winter gear

Warm tights. Softshell pants. Thermal top which was designed for skiing (and rolls up  all the way to your armpits when you run.) Then poles. Trying to like them and actually run with them efficiently. Wondering what I’ve done with the winter baskets and if I need to actually use them. Crampons. Spikes. About 5 millions brands, types and options. Can I just run??


Baby it’s dark outside.

And it will only gets worse. Working 9 to 6 leaves me about 1 hour of daylight in the morning. And yes, you’ve guessed it – it will only get worse. Just like spikes and poles, head torch is becoming my best buddy. Apparently in winter the sun will barely get down in to the valley. And I better learn to ski if I want to see any sun. Well thanks but… can I just run??

So.. what we gonna do now?

The best thing is to get a bunch of great people together. So here I am, organising night runs, early morning runs, snowy weekend runs. Trying to go out and do things.  Trying to motivate others so I can be motivate by them. And then the obvious: I need to buy all the gear. And then hope, that I will have skills to go with the gear as well!


*written by a trail runner who moved to an actual ski resort and never ever skied in her life. And is not that keen to change it as of yet. As of yet.

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  1. doodlemarti says:

    When I’ve moved to the mountains, I wanted only to go snowboarding. So, running wasn’t an option. Now, it’s the opposite: I run as much as I can. My maximum temp to run is -7°C degrees, after that, it’s only pain. I just have to get over it: I can’t run the whole winter, because it depends on how much is going to snow. And now…what can I do? I take day by day, step by step. I run wherever I can, and if not, there is always the gym, or snowboarding (that it’s NOT a proper training) or – from this year- split boarding, that is quite similar to skimo. I want to try skimo too…
    Don’t loose hope, keep running, while you can. The more you stay in cold conditions, the stronger your body becomes, trust me. Lots of winter runs are waiting for you, and if not…you will find another way to move, I’m sure about it!


    1. ❤ Big love Trail Sister!!!

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