My Way.

You know that person that goes skiing for the very first time and has the urge to write a blog about it? Yes, that’s me!


It’s been a while since I’ve wrote something and quite a lot of things changed since I felt like an Idiot in Alps

Not that I’m any smarter. I bought two pairs of skis. So you can finally shut up with yours “oh but you HAVE to ski.” The first – and most exciting – pair of skis are my skating cross-country skis. But.. they are not proper skis..?! Nordic skiing is quite a dirty word in Chamonix. Why would you glide in loops on flat-ish terrain when you can take lift up and ski downhill?! Because I do things my way or nothing at all.


There is nothing better than learn something from scratch (we are talking me being unable to move 5cm forward) and improve constantly. It’s been a month and I can proudly confirm that I’m a little determined shit. What I lack in skills, I make up in motivation. The Nordic instructor must think I’m the most keen person in the world. And actually, it’s not far from the truth. I just love it. The second it – finally! – clicked, when I got the momentum of simple movement and glide – best thing ever! And to be honest I think I prefer nordic skiing over running in frozen snow!


And I keep on improving. What felt impossible suddenly feels easy. Green loop, blue loop and finally red loop. Oh, but you know it is really hilly, are you sure? So I went, and did it. My way. Or nothing at all.

And because I don’t do things half-assed, I bought myself touring skis. Yes, brand new ones. Yes, before ever trying. Yes yes yes.. just let me have it my way, will you? When you live in ski resort surrounded by all these amazing skiers, everyone is an expert and everyone thinks they know better*. So I was told to get second hand skis. I was told to try first. I was told to start with alpine skis. (*obviously my friends are THE exception and they helped me massively to choose the right equipment!) And yes, I know that all of the above is totally correct and smartest way to do things..

So I bought myself shiny new ones to practice “all the gear, no idea”. In the meantime the snow melted. Ah well. I never wanted it to be easy, did I?



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